Travel and Holidays

Car rental with driver for private trips, to the airports and the main hubs of the city.

Holidays are an escape from the daily grind and hassles.
We allow ourselves to stay in a hotel, dine in a restaurant and do everything that our habits usually do not allow.
Therefore, the last thing we want is to deal with the stress of reaching the station on time, or study public transport itineraries by heart.
For this reason, renting a car is the best option to enjoy your holiday in Italy, among the beautiful landscapes and the luxury of our Ncc service.

Taxi Ncc Verona also offers a shuttle service to the Verona airport and the other major airports in Italy.

Renting a car for your excursions guarantees you a freedom unthinkable with any other means.
It allows you to discover, explore the surroundings and avoid the “tourist traps”, without any time limit and at your own pace.

Our service is also the best option for traveling with the family: our car fleet is equipped not only for the transport of your luggage, but also for child seats and special travel equipment.

Contact us for a personalized quote: our service is also convenient, and it might surprise you to realize that you could spend more having to submit to fares and connections related to the use of public transport!