Special Events

Car rental with driver for special events and evenings.

When you want to make a noteworthy entrance to a special event in a luxurious vehicle, Taxi Ncc Verona is what you are looking for.

Taxi Ncc Verona deals with the rental of luxury cars with driver in Verona (and in many other Italian cities) for special events and evenings.
You can contact us, for example, for weddings, business meetings, parties, social events and more.

Our fleet of cars includes vehicles that are perfect for one or two guests or for transporting an entire group.
Whatever the occasion, our service stands out for its personalisation, professionalism and punctuality.

By filling out a simple form, you can let us know your needs before renting a car.
Once the times and the type of service requested have been agreed, all you have to do is enjoy the journey!